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Minerals from Around the World




We carry a HUGE selection

of Minerals from Around the World!


Just a few examples of the hundreds of minerals that The Dinosaur Store has in stock every day in more than 5 display cases dedicated to Rock Hounds and Mineral Collectors everywhere!




Septarian Nodule Egg #1



Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer diamond is the name for a double-terminated quartz crystal  discovered within exposed outcrops of dolostone in and around Herkimer County, New York and the Mohawk River Valley.   Herkimer diamonds became largely recognized after workmen discovered them in large quantities while cutting into the Mohawk River Valley dolostone in the late 18th century. These quartz crystals, which geologists theorize formed extremely slowly in small solution cavities or vugs, have 18 facets (6 sides) and two terminations. These phenomenal gemstones are believed to be close to five hundred million years old.

Herkimer Diamond #1


Matrix measures approximately 4" x 3.25" x 1.5".  Largest crystal is approximately 5/8" long.





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Herkimer Diamond #2


Matrix measures approximately 3.5" x 3.5" x 3.5".  Largest crystal is approximately 1" long.





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Ocean Jasper

A rare and highly prized mineral, Ocean Jasper is mined in the Mine of Marovato, Madagascar. This amazing jasper comes by the name Ocean Jasper because the deposits lie in the ocean, can only be reached by boat, and removed only at low tide due to the strong ocean currents surrounding the island. A type of orbicular jasper, Ocean Jasper is recognizable by the vibrant green, pink, white and gold concentric rings and occasional quartz druze that occurs in voids in the jasper.

Ocean Jasper Specimen #1

Larger tumbled stone measures approximately 2.25" in diameter with characteristic green and gold rings.



Ocean Jasper Specimen #9


Larger tumbled stone measures approximately 2" l x 1.5" h x 0.75" d.  Green, white, gold and cream colored concentric rings.



Ocean Jasper Specimen #10


Larger tumbled stone measures approximately 2.25" l x 1.25" h x 0.75" d with characteristic green, pink, and gold rings.

Lovely pinks and golds in this one with just a bit of quartz druze.


Ocean Jasper Specimen #14


Tumbled stone measures approximately 1.5" in diameter with characteristic green, pink, white and gold rings.

Lovely pinks and darker greens with just a bit of quartz druze.





Largest stilbite cluster measures 2" across! This specimen also demonstrates the sought after "bow-ties" just to the left of the large clusters.

Zeolite Mineral Specimen

Translucent Apophyllite Cluster with Peach-Orange Stilbite 2

Custom stand included.  Specimen measures approximately 9" high x 8" wide and  7" deep.  India.



Beautiful peach color on a basalt matrix.  Large and small apophyllite crystal druze over stilbite.

Large Zeolite Mineral Specimen

 Peachy Stilbite with Translucent Apophyllite 3

Acrylic stand included.  Specimen measures  approximately 9.25" wide x 7.75" high x 3" deep.  India.



Amethyst Druzy #1

Dark purple druzy crystals!  Very often the bottom portion is heavy matrix, but this specimen is filled with crystals from top to bottom. Flat bottom, so its stands on its own.

Measures 5 - 1/2" wide x 6 -1/4" high and is 4-1/2" deep.

Weighs 3lb 12 oz.






Large "Desert Rose" Cluster

Sand Selenite, Mexico

 This crystal form of selenite rock is affectionately known as "the desert rose."  The selenite rose can be found in places like California,  Libya,  Mexico, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, just to name a few.  Selenite Desert Roses are formed in dry lake beds when a small amount of water rises from underground and then recedes, depositing the gypsum mineral.

Many sizes available - in store only


    Mineral Collections from Brazil

Each mineral is identified on a full-color chart.  Box includes approximately 11 to 13 individually wrapped mineral specimens depending upon mineral sizes.  Each box includes at least one amethyst specimen   Display box is heavy cardboard and easily shippable.





We have a large selection of Brazilian Agate Bookends and Agate with Quartz Step-stones in stock!  Give us a call to place your order!

Agate is a common type of semi-precious gemstone. Agate is a form of the mineral chalcedony, which consists of very tiny quartz crystals. Deposited by water solutions, it forms a translucent or transparent layered material. The layers may be of varying colors, and some agate is striped in attractive patterns, or has complex patterns of whorls and swirls. It is not uncommon for quartz to form along-side or within agate.

Satin Spar Selenite Tea Light Candle Holders



Tea light holders will measure approximately 3-4 inches in diameter and approximately 3-4 inches tall, and will weigh 2-5 pounds.

Each of our selenite tea light holders is cut from a single large selenite crystal.  Choice of natural white or natural peach.  The shapes and sizes of the candle holders will vary  slightly as all crystals are unique.

Gypsum has several variety names that are widely used in the mineral trade. "Selenite" is the colorless and transparent or translucent variety that shows a pearl like luster and has been described as having a moon like glow.  The word selenite comes from the Greek for Moon and means moon rock.  Another variety is a compact fibrous aggregate called "satin spar selenite."  This variety has a very satin like look that gives a play of light up and down the fibrous crystals.


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